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Dr. Robbie Hamblin

Brookside Dental

This is going to sound too good to be true, but it is all fact.  We increased our production about $150k in 2015 and it was mainly due to our increased hygiene production.  


Brandi had a profound and permanent impact on our practice!  She will give you and your staff the ability and motivation to present perio so that patients understand and are happy to have the treatment. The three month visits really are fun. Patients and hygienists are both very pleased with the results.  


She is absolutely based in science with knowledge and facts that support treatment recommendations and that patients can readily understand.


The best part of working with Brandi is her ability to get the staff motivated, educated and excited. She is very good at relating with the hygienists, having been one herself she knows how do deal with patient concerns. Brandi did great things for our practice, I highly recommend her training.  

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